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Driving Under the Influence

DUI is the abbreviation for the Tennessee offense of Driving Under the Influence of either alcohol or drugs. DUI is commonly referred to as DWI, or Driving While Impaired, although this is not the technically correct wordage. DUI laws have strict penalties in Tennessee and a first conviction can result in a jail sentence of 11 months and 29 days, although this usually is converted into a period of probation. The legal Blood Alcohol Content level, or BAC, is .08 for adults 21 and over, .04 for commercial drivers and .02 for those under 21. Penalties for a conviction may include:

  • Jail: 48 hours minimum to 11 months, 29 days

  • If blood alcohol content level is .20 or higher, the court may order a 7 day minimum jail sentence

  • Driver’s license suspension: 1 year mandatory; restricted license often possible

  • Fines: $350 – $1500

  • DUI School: mandatory; or, Victim Impact Panel may be assigned

  • DUI Assessment: mandatory, plus $100 fee

  • Community service: depends on court mandate

  • Ignition interlock device: upon court order and in some cases mandatory

If you were convicted for DUI, it is highly advisable to retain an experienced Tennessee DUI attorney. With more than 35 years of experience, Franklin DUI lawyer Lonnie R. Hoover has represented more than 1500 DUI clients. He is intimately familiar with DUI laws and provides aggressive representation in all DUI areas.

Drug Possession

Drug possession laws in Tennessee are extremely harsh and a conviction can result in extensive prison sentences, heavy fines, treatment programs and more. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Simple Possession or Casual Exchange of Marijuana: Class A Misdemeanor – 1 year jail, $2500 maximum fine

  • Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute: May result in years or decades in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, depending on quantity and circumstances

  • Manufacture, Deliver, Sales of a Controlled Substance – May result in 30 or more years prison and $100,000 fine depending on schedule and quantity of drugs.  

Controlled substances include cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, MDMA/ecstasy, LSD, prescription drugs and more. A drug conviction charge can have lifelong negative consequences on your present career, future employment, professional licensing, the ability to apply for student loans, and will result in a permanent criminal record. It is vital to obtain aggressive legal representation from an experienced drug crimes lawyer.

Hire Franklin's Renowned DUI Lawyer

It is important to understand that an arrest for a DUI or a drug offense is not a conviction. You have the right to fight the charges. Attorney Hoover will carefully investigate the circumstances and details of your case, apprise the situation and create and mount an effective defense. Challenges may be made on various grounds, depending on your circumstances, including illegal search and seizure, lack of probable cause, failure to Mirandize (read you your rights to remain silent), mishandled or tainted evidence, failure to follow proper procedure, and more. Attorney Hoover will always seek the best resolution for you, which may result in a dismissal, reduction of charges, plea bargain, probation, diversionary program or other favorable resolution. Attorney Hoover has represented clients in more than 2500 criminal cases and 1,500 DUI’s. To schedule your complimentary case review, contact Attorney Hoover by phone or email.

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